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Moss Flora of Central America
Part 4. Fabroniaceae–Polytrichaceae

Central America is a relatively small region, yet it has one of the most diverse moss floras of any area of the world. Its unique geography and its position as a crossroads of three other rich species-source areas—South America, North America, and the Caribbean—mean that an eclectic mix of moss can be found in the area. This is the final part of the Moss Flora of Central America series. It covers 208 species and includes keys, descriptions, and discussions of each species. In addition, it has information on distribution within Central America as well as world distribution, habitat notes, and a list of previously published illustrations.

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Flora Mesoamericana
Volumen 5, Parte 2: Asteraceae

This volume continues the work of the groundbreaking Flora Mesoamericana, the first major regional flora ever written in Spanish. The Flora describes, for the first time, all the vascular plants growing in the five southernmost states of Mexico and all the Central American republics. This volume focuses on a single family of dicotyledons, Asteraceae, covering 282 genera and 1,072 species. Asteraceae is the largest family of flowering plants and includes plants familiar to us such as daisies, chrysanthemums, and sunflowers. The guide includes complete descriptions, synonymy, distribution, and keys to identification.

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