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Flora of China, Volume 13: Clusiaceae through Araliaceae
Flora of China, Volume 13: Clusiaceae through Araliaceae

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Flora of China Text Volume 13, Clusiaceae through Araliaceae

Among the 33 plant families described in this volume are Clusiaceae, the mangosteen and St. John’s-wort family, harvested for its wood, resin, fruits, seeds, and horticultural and medical uses; Dipterocarpaceae, major canopy trees of lowland tropical forests; Tamaricaceae or tamarisk family; Violaceae, the violets and pansies; Flacourtiaceae, source of chaulmoogric oil, used to treat leprosy; Passifloraceae, the passion flower family; Begoniaceae, 141 of its ornamental begonias naturally occurring only in China; Thymelaeaceae, including the ornamental shrubs Daphne and Edgeworthia used for the manufacture of paper and medicines; Elaeagnaceae, oleaster and buckthorn family, with its fruit trees and ornamental shrubs; Lythraceae, including purple loosestrife and the ornamental crepe myrtles; Trapaceae, the water chestnuts; Rhizophoraceae or mangrove family; Nyssaceae, containing the genus Camptotheca, source of the anticancer drug camptothecin, and Davidia, the dove tree, which naturally occurs only in China; Combretaceae, with shrubs, vines, and trees of ornamental and medical use; Myrtaceae, including eucalyptus and fruit trees; Melastomataceae, of value in medicine and horticulture; Onagraceae, including willowherbs and evening primrose, used in medicine as well as for ornament; and Araliaceae, with several economically important Chinese genera, notably, Panax or ginseng.

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  • Publisher: MBG Press and Science Press
    Publication Date: 2007
    ISBN: 9781930723597
    Format: Hardcover
    Pages: 548
    Illustrated: Yes