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LATMOSS, a Catalogue of Neotropical Mosses (MSB 56)

The first comprehensive listing of the mosses that occur in tropical America since Mittenos 1869 Musci AustroAmericani. LATMOSS catalogs over 4000 records of species and infraspecies, with selected synonymy.

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World Synopsis of the Genus Grimmia (Musci, Grimmiaceae) (MSB 83)

The genus Grimmia is considered to comprise 71 species. In this synopsis no taxa at infraspecific rank are recognized. For each accepted species synonyms are listed, mostly based on the study of their type material. There are 130 names lectotypified, and references to previous correct lecto-typifications are given where appropriate. Also presented are a key and the distribution of each species, based solely on specimens studied by the authors.

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Glossarium Polyglottum Bryologiae (MSB 33)

Definitions for about 1200 terms in English, German, French, and Spanish. English terms are translated into Japanese, Latin, and Russian.

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Index of Mosses, 1990-1992 (MSB 50)

About 800 names and a bibliography of the publication in which nova for 1990-1992 appeared. "A masterful job." The Bryologist.

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Index of Mosses, 1993-1995 (MSB 62)

The latest installment of the Index of Mosses (IOM). About 1770 names and a bibliography of the publications in which nova appeared. The Index also contains appendices giving full authors names and fully spelled journal and book titles, with references to their entries in TL2 and BPH and its supplement for items that did not appear in the original IOM.

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Index of Mosses, 1999-2001 (MSB 96)

Index of Mosses, 1999–2001, contains nova published between January 1, 1999 and December 31, 2001. In addition, nova that should have appeared in earlier Indexes of Mosses and valid nova that should have appeared in Index Muscorum are included.
Index of Mosses 1999-2001 closely follows the style of the Index of Mosses, 1963–1989, which appeared in 1992, and later triennial installments, Index of Mosses, 1990–1992 (1994), Index of Mosses 1993–1995 (1997), and Index of Mosses, 1996–1998 (2000), also available from MBG Press.
As with earlier Indexes of Mosses, the present volume is based on information contained in MOST, a subset of the database TROPICOS, developed and maintained at the Missouri Botanical Garden. Index of Mosses is a nomenclator: it does not reflect taxonomic interpretations of acceptance or synonymy. (MSB 96)

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Glosario ilustrado para musgos neotropicales

To the uninitiated, tropical mosses may all look alike and exhibit few features that can distinguish them apart. There are 2500 or more species in the Neotropics, and given that fact, there must obviously be many characters to define and separate them. This illustrated glossary is intended to assist students and naturalists in learning the basic morphological terms used in the identification of neotropical mosses. This book is divided into three chapters. The first is an alphabetical glossary containing 419 basic terms and definitions accompanied by 254 illustrations by E. Calzadilla. The second part contains 28 subchapters arranged by morphology in a sequence that found in a basic moss description, e.g., habit, stems, leaves, cells, sexuality, setae, capsules, peristome etc. These subchapters provide terms and definitions for 28 major characters and their character states (variation) and are complemented with 41 illustrated plates. The last part, divided into 17 subchapters, provides a discussion and taxonomic importance of characters used in the identification of mosses with examples given from neotropical families, genera and species. This illustrated glossary should promote a better means in understanding and learning the morphology of mosses, and enhance the capacity to identify mosses.

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