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The Berberis of China and Vietnam: A Revision

This is a comprehensive study of the Berberis of China and Vietnam. Based on specimens in over 150 Chinese and foreign herbaria as well as living plants in cultivation, it describes 277 species, 69 of which are new to science. It maps all species by Xian (County) for China and by Province for Vietnam and includes the location of all known type specimens with many new lectotypifications. It is likely to prove the standard work on the subject for many years to come.

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Flora Mesomericana, Volumen 2, Parte 2: Piperaceae

Volume 2(2) is the latest volume of Flora Mesomericana, the first major regional flora ever written in Spanish. This volume includes a single family of dicotyledons, Piperaceae, with three genera and 960 species. Of these, 120 species are for the first time scientifically named and described in this volume, and 73 are beautifully illustrated with black and white drawings.

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